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From Pam Coates, St Mary the Virgin MU,Eccleston, Nr Chorley

During ‘lockdown’ I accepted an arts and crafts challenge, which a friend had found on line, from The Arts Quarter in Cheddar, the other end of the country but,  hey ho, I thought it will be something to keep me occupied!

AC1This began in April with a challenge or topic each day and we could represent it in any form - drawing, photograph, painting, fabric art, whatever. 

The ‘make’ was posted each day and appeared on the Facebook page. It was lovely to see how others interpreted the challenge and to see what fantastic artist there are out there. Well, one month went into 2 months then 3 months, so you can now see that I have about 95 products of 3 months in ‘lockdown’. 

These range from paintings to fabric postcards, drawings to cross stitch, photographs to paper art patchwork to fabric collage. I have a photograph of each in an album and have kept all my makes in a big bag. The challenge has ended although we can work on 2 or 3 items to enter into a display in Cheddar…a bit far away I thought!

So, what to do with these ‘things’, I am thinking that I may get a little talk together so watch this space.
A few examples - there are 90 more!

AC3AC4              AC2