Who's Who

Gill Ireland
Gill Ireland, Diocesan President

Kath Lane

Kath Lane, Deputy President: Lancaster Archdeaconry 

Jenny Towers
Jenny Towers, Deputy President: Blackburn Archdeaconry

Action and Outreach: To be announced.

Communications Co-ordinator: To be announced.

Kath Bill, Faith and Policy (Awaiting Photo)

Marion Barlow
Marion Barlow, Diocesan Treasurer

Susan Willoughby
Susan Willoughby, Diocesan Secretary

Revd Susan Seed

Revd Susan Seed, Diocesan Chaplain, Rector of Slyne with Hest St Luke and Halton St Wilfrid with Aughton St Saviour.

Trustees for the 2019-2021 Triennium

Trustees for the 2019-2021 Triennium