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Getting ready for Mothering Sunday

Mothering Sunday is a time to say thank you to all mothers and caregivers for the selflessness with which they nurture, love and help us to grow.

This year, why not celebrate or remember someone special by giving an ethical gift?

In a year when the chance to come together has become more precious than ever before, your gift can help parents, strengthen

bonds in communities and empower women and girls to flourish.

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Mothering Sunday


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COVID-19 Resources

We continue to produce resources to support people for as long as we find ourselves in this difficult period. New resource additions include indoor member reflections and a resource for looking after your mental health during COVID-19 written by mental health counsellor Raymond Farrell.

It is our aim to combat feelings of loneliness that may arise and help everyone stay upbeat during these challenging times. Feel free to download and use our wealth of resources at the below link:

We continue to produce new resources to support people through this difficult period. The resources available include advice on how to stay connected using digital technology. 

It is our aim to combat feelings of loneliness that may arise and help everyone stay upbeat during these challenging times.

Feel free to download and use our wealth of resources at this link.

The Resources Page

Communities of Interest

We have recently launched our web-based Communities of Interest - a place for members with particular interests to find relevant information and to share their experiences and ideas with other MU members in Britain & Ireland.

For those of you who are Britain & Ireland members, you will be able to access the Communities of Interest by clicking on the link on the right hand menu of your ‘My Account’ page. This will take you to the main Communities of Interest page with a video to explain more about how to look at - and hopefully get involved – in the communities that interest you.

Shop Update

The Mothers’ Union online shop continues to serve the membership.

Find our new collection of crafting activities for all the family online at

Please let us know if you have a story for the newsletter - email and tell us all about it!

Garstang St Thomas Mothers' Union:

Caring for the Community in the time of Coronavirus

A Foodbank Donation point was first set up by the Mothers 'Union at St Thomas' Church in Garstang about six years ago. Over the years, we have responded to emergency requests for help for local families initially coming from the Wyre Rural Children's Center based at St Thomas' School and since its closure from the Children and Families Well Being Service. At other times we have responded to individual requests for help, donated food to the foodbank in Morecambe and more recently to the Trussell Trust satellite foodbank based at St Lawrence's Church, Longridge.

The onset of the Coronavirus Pandemic has presented us with a new challenge. Almost at once, our school expressed concern for some of our school families where lockdown had led to job losses. Requests came from the Children and Families Well Being Service and from within our church family. The two or three families we were supporting beforehand soon increased to ten. It seemed as though, almost overnight, our donation point was transformed into a mini, fully operational foodbank. In no time at all we found ourselves supporting twenty adults and twenty-five children, including three babies, on a weekly basis. Three of these families also had special dietary needs.

Appeals went out for donations of food, nappies, cleaning, laundry and personal items etc. Our members and our church family all responded generously. However, it soon became apparent that some of our families were entirely dependent on whatever they received from us each week. Quite a responsibility! In the middle of April, we made a successful bid for funding from the Lancashire Covid 19 Community Fund and received £ 500. Other members, unable to shop and contribute in kind, helped to swell the coffers with financial donations. Nine weeks into the lockdown we are still able to maintain weekly food deliveries, providing the essential needs of each family.

As most of our members are of an age where self-isolation is a must, the real heroines of our foodbank service have been Kathryn Sperring, one of our younger members and her daughter Anna, a student at Durham University. Every week, they have faithfully made up the boxes for each family and delivered them to the doorstep. We are very grateful to them for their devotion and to all our members and people in the wider community who have been so incredibly generous with their regular donations.

You can see Kathryn and Anna in action if you visit Garstang St Thomas Church on You Tube or click on the link below.


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